The Heaviness of the Night

Light will turn to dark and the day will welcome the night
Without a care for the weary hearts or the tired souls and
Without any regard for the heaviness of the night.

Lights go out one, by one, into the night
Without any assurance of a soundless sleep or a restful slumber and
Without the power to change anything about the heaviness of the night.

But enlightened we shall be with each passing night
With the day’s regrets, sorrows, fears,
the joys, wins, and cheers,
With a lifetime of this, that is the heaviness of the night.

I was resting at home one evening, seated right by my window that faces another apartment. I had turned off all my distractions – a podcast episode, a song, a video – and was staring into the view on the other side of my window. The poem came to me then, the style admittedly influenced by the last poem I heard from David Whyte.