Decluttering responsibly and Item #1

Since I started decluttering around the house, I’ve had to get rid of quite a number of things I owned but didn’t use. Throwing things away is hard because I too get deceived by the sentimental values I’ve assigned to things and the need to keep something because ‘just in case.’

But even after a decision’s been made to throw an item away, the struggle continues.

Because I’m ignorant of how to throw things away the right way.

If I’m decluttering, I want to do it responsibly but there’s so much I don’t know about how to do that. Countless items I own don’t have recycling symbols. And I’ve started doubting things that might seem obvious (like paper and cardboard). Maybe I’ve been doing it all wrong all along?

So I want to start getting it right.

One item at a time, I want to find out whether or not that item can be recycled in Hong Kong (for now). And if it can be, where should I be taking it? And what happens to it after?

I start here with item #1 – the coil I ripped off an old spiral-bound notebook. Is this completely metal? Can I give this to a recycling centre in my neighbourhood? Can this go under Metal in the public waste separation bins?

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